Bianca Ruffolo

Major: Molecular biology and bioinformatics
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

“Oh, I forgot to tell you…I also started my own event at UW-Parkside! Goes to show, you can actually make a difference here.” And make a difference she has- Bianca Ruffolo not only started her own event on campus, but she’s also the president of two other campus organizations, has 3 part-time jobs (just to gain more skills!) and did research this summer on neuroblastoma cancer. If you’re not blown away yet, Bianca also received a 2017-18 Newman Civic Fellowship, which recognizes and supports community-committed students.

On top of all the activities she’s involved in, Bianca is pursuing challenging coursework and preparing to study for the MCAT test next year. Majoring in molecular biology and bioinformatics and minoring in chemistry, Bianca has her sights set on medical school after graduation. In fact, UW-Parkside’s pre-health track is what attracted her to the university in the first place.

“UW-Parkside was the only place I applied to for college. After looking at other places, I knew this was ‘the one’ especially after learning of the 90% acceptance rate into medical school and meeting with pre-health advisors.”

Bianca’s goal is to do research and practice medicine in a rural area of Wisconsin, helping bring better healthcare access to underserved areas. She is ready to make a difference in the world.


As the first in her family to go to college, Bianca is paving the way for her younger siblings. This year, her younger brother chose to also pursue a college degree and decided to attend UW-Parkside alongside Bianca!

Bianca’s scholarships have been crucial for her during her time at UW-Parkside. Not only have they helped her succeed academically, but they have also allowed her time to better herself and her community. Scholarship assistance has freed her time to be a tutor in biology and chemistry at the Parkside Academic Resource Center, lead the Molecular Biology Club, and, as mentioned earlier, start her own event- hosting the annual Harry Potter Trivia event.

“The scholarships I’ve received have taken a lot of the financial pressure of college off my shoulders and allows me to focus on being a better student and preparing for my future.”

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