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Alumni Class Notes Jeffrey A. Medin 9/25/2015  
Jeffrey A. Medin, PhD, has been named the MACC Fund Professor in the department of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Dr. Medin currently serves as a professor in the department of medical biophysics and the institute of medical science, faculty of medicine, at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. He is also a senior scientist with the University Health Network (UHN), and director of the UHN Vector Core Facility at the Krembil Discovery Tower at Toronto Western Hospital.
Alumni Class Notes Kyle P. Corrigan 9/19/2016  
The criminal justice department strongly suggested working an internship, which I did,before I graduated; The Racine Police Department and I couldn't be more thankful that I took their advice. It was a great wakeup call to what you can expect in the criminal justice field. After going to school, learning for semester after semester, it was nice to have a breath of fresh air and a taste of what the criminal justice field is all about, plus it gives you an opportunitty to get you foot in the door somwhere and develop priceless contacts. I couldn't be happier with the path this University put me on and the tools I learned from the great staff there. Some off my best memories where class discussions in Dr. Takata's Criminolgy course and Ed Conrad's Psyc of Evil course. I greatly enjoyed my time in both the Psych & Crimal Justice Departments, both staffs had a team of great instructors.
Alumni Class Notes Joseph J. Topczewski 9/23/2008  
Joseph Topczewski delighted in surprising graduate school interviewers when answering the question: "Have you done any research?" Joe responded: "Which project would you like to hear about?" knowing it was unusual for undergraduate chemistry students to participate in more than one research project. In addition to his research, Joe was a chemistry tutor, he assisted in leading discussions in basic chemistry classes, and he revived the Chemistry Club, all while completing the 24 credits needed for the university's Honors Program. This fall, he begins doctoral studies in chemistry at the University of Iowa on a graduate scholarship.
UW-Parkside honors outstanding grads
The university honored seven students for academic excellence and exceptional campus and community service at spring commencement. Biological Sciences major Patrick Liesch received the Chancellor's Award, the university's highest student honor, while Jill Clark-Mata (Economics), Trevor Gohr (Theatre Arts), Jessica Kilgore (Geography), Malisa Lewis (History & Sociology), Sabha Museteif (Business & MIS), and Joseph Topczewski (Chemistry) were named Outstanding Graduates.
Alumni Class Notes Misty D. Lowery 11/19/2015  
I hope this finds everyone well. I had some down time and wanted to touch base with you all and give you an update on my whereabouts and status. I have been hired by a company named Syntel, Inc. and have been placed at Humana in Green Bay, WI. I was hired as a Software Engineer to do Mainframe Programming. I attended an 8 week mainframe training in Mason, Ohio and then was relocated to Green Bay.

Things with the company have been a bit slow and bumpy, but I believe it might be partially due to the company growing quite fast, but I am adapting and am thankful for the opportunity.

Since I have relocated and started at Humana, I was provided an off shore trainer for transitioning. I have completed my training and been given an 'A' and 'Well Done'. My trainer was great, patient, and very helpful. I have learned so much more about mainframe than I previously learned at training in Ohio. I have completed my assignments and am now ready to be integrated into my team. I'm not sure when this will happen, but I'm hoping it is SOON. Things do tend to move a bit slowly, but they do eventually come around.

So far, I have learned COBOL programming, COBOL Copybooks, Coding Standards, Tools that are used including Debugging with Expeditor, File-AID for report layouts, Easytrieve for report generation, JCL programming and how powerful JCL is (learned lots of new tricks here) and since this was more difficult for me during training (and the feeling that I hoped I was not put on a team that had to use it) I'm much more intrigued and excited about it than I originally was. I have been introduced to DB2, IMS and have also been introduced to the workflow tools, Sprint tools and I'm sure I'm forgetting others...and am feeling much more confident about my abilities. I can't wait to learn more :)

I just want to say I LOVE PROGRAMMING and I'm so thankful that you all were there to keep me moving forward and making sure I completed my QUALITY education. I framed my diploma and hung it last night. It was the first and only thing I have hung in my new apartment so far. I'm so proud that I am a UW Parkside graduate and I want to thank you all. Please feel free to keep in touch. I would like to be involved as alumni as much as possible
Alumni Class Notes Nicholas B. Trimberger 10/28/2015  
I was promoted from a "Signal Design Engineer" to a "Senior Signal Designer". I also completed the Union Pacific Railroad Signal Training program
Alumni Class Notes Gary W. Christensen 1/4/2014  
Lives in Salt Lake City and serves as chief financial officer of the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium a nonprofit organization in Utah. He is a CPA and prior to moving to Utah worked at a CPA firm in Racine until 2005. This month the Utah state CPA society ran a cover story in their nonprofit issue featuring Gary and his focus on building financial sustainability at the world-class aquarium in Utah.
Alumni Class Notes Robin L. Clark 9/9/2008  
Was named the 2012-2013 Middle School Teacher of the Year for the Kenosha Unified School District. He has been teaching at Washington Middle School since 2005. Clark was nominated by his peers and received the honor during a banquet held at UW-Parkside in March.
Alumni Class Notes Paul W. Connell 3/3/2015  
Was named by Wisconsin Attorney General-elect Brad Schimel as senior attorney. For the past 12 years, Connell has served as a federal prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Wisconsin. In that capacity, he has tried cases ranging from bank fraud and money laundering to drug trafficking, with two of those cases being named as the Prosecution of the Year by the Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association. Prior to becoming a federal prosecutor, Connell was an associate with the international law firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, based in Washington, where, among other things, he led internal investigations of Fortune 500 companies, investment banks and broker-dealers. After earning his undergraduate degree from UW-Parkside in 1994, he graduated magna cum laude from the Marquette University Law School.
Alumni Class Notes Carlyse M. Fuhrer 3/12/2014  
Is the Business Development Coordinator at Diversey Care, a division of Sealed Air located in Racine. "UW-Parkside was the 3rd university I had attended and I absolutely loved it compared to the rest. The collaboration and team involvement that the professors placed among the students in class truly prepared me for my career activities. The professors involvement also was a closer relationship than any I had prior to my attendance at UWP. They truly invested the time into you and your studies if you were willing and did the best that you could. They empowered me to take my studies and career into my own hands and truly own my work. I believe that college is not always about the classwork knowledge that you gain, but the life skills that are taught. The determination and persistence, critical thinking, independent study, communication, collaboration, quick decision making and much more are what is most transferable to the future. Parkside offered opportunities that I believe I would not have been able to capitalize on at other universities. I was able to participate in a National Team Sales competition and take the National Title if it wasn't for the close relationship of the faculty and students this win would not have been possible. I was asked one time to weigh the cost of a college education to the gains and benefits once completed and to me there is no justification to not go. You will always have debts, loans, expenses, etc. Why not make those expenditures count? "Knowledge is Power" and that comes from life experiences and education, both which include cost and sacrifice. However, the benefit that came from an outstanding education has led me to the launch of a phenomenal career that I can be proud of and truly say that without the education and degree from Parkside I would not have had this opportunity. So when I am asked I say I consider the only cost to education is that if I would not have gone it would have cost me my career and chance and a wonderful life and that I can live with the financial expenses because I would rather pay that then a cost to a material good that cannot propel me forward. In conclusion, I am a proud, employed graduate of UWP and will continue to represent as an alumni until I am back for my masters!
Alumni Class Notes Daniel C. Helbling 1/4/2011  
Was one of 23 students to receive a master of science degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee at its 119th annual commencement exercises in May. Helbling's thesis was titled "Improving the Diagnosis and Recognition of Genetic Disorders through Advanced Molecular Techniques." Following graduation, he will continue his work in the Medical College of Wisconsin Human and Molecular Genetics Center.
Alumni Class Notes David K. Kirkeby 9/17/2015  
The China Study Abroad program had the most impact on my life from the time I spent at Parkside.
Alumni Class Notes Jake R. Nikolai 7/24/2013  
Has more than 100 volunteer hours at the Dane County Humane Society. Currently, he does canine enrichment but originally Jake designed Excel spreadsheets to analyze volunteer demographic information. "I started at UW-Parkside intending to earn a degree in computer science but I enjoyed Professor Jamie Wang's Financial Accounting class so much that I switched majors," Jake says. "He also helped me decide to further my accounting education by pursing a master's degree and becoming a CPA. I remember a lot of good conversations with friends. I had some people that I knew as acquaintances in high school but seeing them as UW-Parkside students caused me to become better friends with them. Meeting new people through classes or friends was great, too."
Alumni Class Notes Jason J. Pruitt 12/10/2014  
A 2014 recipient of the Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA)/YLink Future 5 award.
Alumni Class Notes Marilyn J. Teeter 12/31/2014  
Has retired from the Federal government after more than 36 years of service. She was an EEOC Administrative Judge from 1979 to 1997 and a U.S. Immigration Judge from 1997 to 2014.
Alumni Class Notes Lauren M. Bradshaw 9/17/2015  
Dr. McG had a great impact on my experience at UWP. She gave excellent advice during my term as the Director of the Segregated Universal Fees Allocating Committee. No matter how difficult the budget and decision making process was, she was always supportive in providing guidance.
Alumni Class Notes Johnathan P. Dye 9/17/2015  
I was featured on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Business section for my business and on their blog: and
Alumni Class Notes Katherine L. Hambley 9/17/2015  
My painting was recently chosen among over a hundred entries for the "Celebrate Racine" Community art project and will be displayed on a huge banner in downtown Racine. The name of the painting is "Really Big Fish".

All my art teachers inspired me to have a love of art. And to respect the craft. They instilled in me that if you want to be great at it you have to have a good work ethic and routine. I still draw and paint every day.
Alumni Class Notes Michael W. Ingram 9/17/2015  
I have helped several students gain entrance into guitar curriculum at college level through In my teaching of classical guitar.
Alumni Class Notes Derek J. Kole 9/17/2015  
I helped start the International Initiatives Charity and Scholarship with Dr. Abey Kuruvilla. Raised $4,000 for international student scholarships at our first event. Right after college I was elected to a 3 year term on the University of Wisconsin Parkside Alumni Association's Board of Directors.

Going to Parkside was a great opportunity for me and I would like to give back by doing what I can to make sure that other people have access to the same opportunities that I had. In 2014 I went to Italy with Dr. Abey Kuruvilla on a scholarship and this opportunity motivated me to help Dr. Kuruvilla start the International Initiatives Charity and Scholarship program. Having this opportunity motivated me to try and give international students the opportunity to study at Parkside. If it wasn't for the scholarship that Dr. Kuruvilla obtained for me I never would have been able to have that once in a lifetime opportunity. This has been my way of "paying it forward." Dr. Kuruvilla has been a mentor to me and had the most profound impact on me out of all of the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet on campus.
Alumni Class Notes Christinia S. Little 9/17/2015  
Was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President - Currently I am working in our BSA/AML division and perform risk reviews on potentially high risk customers. My employer if Regions Financial in Birmingham, AL.

I teach financial education and advocacy to high school students in the area.
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