David Garay

Major: Business management, concentration in finance
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

David Garay is a story-teller. Whether he’s explaining why he loved his public speaking class or why he chose to transfer to UW-Parkside, David can turn a simple idea into a journey and hold your attention the entire time. The key is the passion he has for everything he does. David does not take any class assignments lightly, nor did he give up when he set a goal to find an internship.

David had passion and perseverance before he attended UW-Parkside, but his professors here have continued to cultivate his energy and enthusiasm as he looks to pursue a career in finance. And David is the first to tell you he owes a lot of his success thanks to these professors:

“The mentoring I receive from faculty has been incredible- they’re preparing me for life after school.”

One of David’s biggest accomplishments so far in his college career has been earning an internship as a sophomore. Internships are typically reserved for juniors or seniors in college, students hoping to gain real-life experience that will help them land a job after graduation. David recognized that an internship was crucial to his future, so he started pursuing opportunities early. Thanks to the help of faculty and UW-Parkside’s Career Services, David tirelessly applied to multiple internships in the area. Eventually, a perfect match fit and David landed an Operations and Fulfillment Internship at Jockey. He’s transferring the skills he’s learning in his business and finance classes to his internship daily.

David’s hard work helped him land his internship, but his UW-Parkside scholarships also lent a hand along the way. Thanks to scholarships he’s received these last two years, he was able to focus on important tasks like his academic work and finding an internship, rather than working a part-time job.

“Receiving a scholarship absolutely changed my world. I am grateful for the doors that have opened since receiving a scholarship. Especially the time I can now devote to my internship. There is nothing that replaces hands-on experience to really know if you love the field.”

David has three more semesters until graduation, and he’ll definitely be prepared for the workforce thanks to the time he’s spent learning both in and out of the class.

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