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April 2016  |  Spring Update 

Engineering Partnerships

Upon arrival in 2012, UW-Parkside College of Natural and Health Sciences founding Dean Emmanuel Otu, working with the Math-Physics Department and Dr. Carmel Ruffolo, began talks with UW-Milwaukee’s College of Engineering and Applied Science’s new Dean, Dr. Brett Peters.  Discussions also involved visiting high school principals in Kenosha and Racine. The talks resulted in an initial agreement to offer the first two years of UWM’s electrical and mechanical engineering programs at Parkside. Students complete the articulated courses at UWP and transfer seamlessly to UWM as juniors.  The agreement began in Fall 2014 with 12 new students enrolled the first year.

At inception in Fall 2014, Snap-On Tools, Inc. became a huge benefactor of this agreement through a $60,000 scholarship fund for UWP engineering students.

In Fall of 2015, following interest from UWM Associate Professor Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, Drs. Paul Mohazzabi, Bryan Lewis and Dean Otu met again with the UWM engineering program’s department heads and Dean Peters to discuss expanding the agreement.  Following this meeting, a comprehensive agreement was signed in January 2016 for all engineering programs at UWM to have a two year start at UWP, following articulation of courses. Upon completion of the two-year articulated courses students also receive an associate of science degree in physics.

This spring, ASYST Technology, LLC, a Kenosha based international company – manufacturing automobile lighting fixtures – has offered two paid internship and one co-op opportunity for engineering students.  In the second year the number of engineering majors and intended is 43 – a 258% increase.



Science Sisters

Sylvia Burns and Valerie Riehl are two sisters from Racine, Wisconsin who are on the same path here at Parkside. Sylvia came to Parkside because of the reputation of the Molecular Biology program, she said "They have one of the best Molecular Biology programs in the state and Parkside is a great commuter school." Aside from enjoying the convenience of being able to commute, Sylvia also said that Parkside is a very friendly school for non-traditional students like herself. After completing her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology she decided to continue on in pursuit of a Master of Science in Applied Molecular Biology.

While Sylvia was attending school here at Parkside her sister Valerie was looking for another option to attain her degree. After transfering to Parkside she also decided to complete her degree in Molecular Biology switching from her originally intended business degree. After Valerie graduated with her degree in Molecular Biology in May of 2015, she also decided to continue her studies with the intention of getting a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology. Valerieappreciates the shorter commutes from Racine to Parkside and is enjoying going through the degree program with her sister, she said "It's nice to have someone encourage you to go to class and support you."

Both sisters mentioned that aside from the support that they receive from each other, the support that they receive from professors has been helpful while completing their degrees and why they would recommend Parkside to others. Valerie said that, "The biology department is a good department to be in. They have a close set of professors and it makes it easier to connect with them.” She went on to say that when she was at a different university her degree seemed unattainable…“At UW-Parkside, I have had an encouraging experience with my professors telling me, 'You can do it!' "



First Parkside Online Sustainable Management Master's Degree

In December, Kenneth Holdorf (pictured in the middle) participated in Parkside's Winter Commencement after completing the degree requirements in August and became the first UW-Parkside student to earn the online sustainable management master's degree. 

Holdorf says the combination of business management with sustainable management gives him a better understanding of what businesses might do to affect the environment and what it takes to be a good corporate citizen. "I have always been interested in what negatively or positively affects the environment," he said.

While an online program may not be for everyone, Holdorf says it suited him. "As a nontraditional student, it gave me more flexibility," he said. The flexibility of an online degree program allows students to access the Parkside Desire2Learn (D2L) course website, look up homework assignments, participate in class discussions – even connect with classmates – 24/7.

Since Holdorf resides near the Parkside campus, he was often able to meet face to face with Dr. John Skalbeck to discuss his degree progress and his capstone project which, Skalbeck says, has exciting prospects for sustainable elder care.

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Save the date! The Second Annual Alumni Event

The College of Natural and Health Sciences invites you to attend the second annual alumni event. 

Saturday Afternoon
September 24, 2016

At the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Adult Learner Open House

Parkside is here to help you determine your next steps in your educational path and help you fulfill your professional goals. Come right from work and enjoy refreshments while you visit resource tables and have your questions answered in relation to academic programs, veteran services, financial aid, advising, and disability services.

Learn more about:
Associate degrees
Degree completion options
UW Flexible Option
Graduate school
Professional development opportunities

Tuesday, April 26  |  5-8 pm

Please feel free to share this opportunity with family and friends who would benefit from returning to school.

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