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November 2016  |  Fall Update

Student Success: Jonathan Dubinsky

CNHS would like to introduce you to mechanical engineering major, Jonathan Dubinsky. He is enrolled in the Engineering Consortial Program between UW-Parkside, and will receive a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Milwaukee. 

Jonathan selected UW-Parkside due to the convenience of commuting to school on a daily basis, but also found out that the small class sizes were a huge bonus. He reflects on his most positive experience on campus and notes, “The care each professor has for each student stands out as the biggest and best part of Parkside. Each professor cares about you and your understanding of the topic so well that it brings the best and hardest working side out of you. Along with the care each professor has, the content is rich with knowledge to be learned. I can always sit down and learn a little more each time I open a text book or listen to the lecture. Each professor keeps up with the fast paced students and teach it in a way that brings everyone to understand quickly and easily.”  Of course, one can see this goes two ways, UW-Parkside is very fortunate to have dedicated students like Jonathan to inspire us as well.

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From the shores of the Mediterranean to the beaches of Lake Michigan, Dr. Jose M. Palao 

Assistant Professor, Jose M. Palao is originally from the warm shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Cartagena, Spain. He completed his licensure as well as his doctorate in Physical Activity and Sport at the University of Granada. For over 14 years, he taught at different Universities in Spain (the Catholic University of Saint Anthony, the University of Alcala, and the University of Murcia). In 2014-2015, he completed a sabbatical at Iowa State University as a visiting scholar. He came to UW-Parkside in 2015 and is currently in his second year here. He teaches in the Health, Exercise Science and Sport Management Department. Currently, he teach Biomechanics, Research Methods, Strength and Conditioning, and Sport Analytics.

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UW-Parkside signs agreement
a Nigerian university.

Since May, discussions had been on-going between UW-Parkside and Ebonyi State University (EBSU) in Abakaliki, Nigeria for EBSU students to have the opportunity to complete part of their studies and earn their degrees from UW-Parkside.  In October the process consummated with Dean Emmanuel Otu traveling to Abakaliki to sign the agreement.

 The agreement establishes an educational partnership to provide an opportunity for EBSU students to complete a baccalaureate degree at UW-Parkside.  The agreement is intended to promote cooperation in education and provide international education opportunities to EBSU students, in accordance with relevant laws of the two countries on education.

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Program Success: Proficiency Model Program in mathematics continues growth and success!

The proficiency model format for developmental and college-level mathematics courses at UW-Parkside continues to generate impressive student success rates and to garner recognition on campus and beyond.

Predicated upon rigorous mathematical content and high expectations for student achievement, the proficiency model was launched in Fall 2012 when success rates in developmental mathematics courses at UW-Parkside were near the national average of 50%.  Over the four ensuing academic years, those success rates have jumped to an average of 67%, an unprecedented figure for UW-Parkside and especially striking since it was achieved by requiring students to demonstrate competency with every component of a far more demanding curriculum.  

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Student Success: Jonathan Dubinsky

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New Agreement with a Nigerian University

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