Kailee Dunker

Major: Sociology and liberal studies
Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Last spring, as Kailee Dunker finished her third year at UW-Parkside, she was ready for summer break. Junior year is notoriously challenging and Kailee was devoting a lot of her time to studying and her part-time job as a tutor for local students. Just when she needed a pick-me-up, Kailee found out she earned a scholarship for the upcoming year. This recognition was just what she needed before entering her final year at UW-Parkside.

“I could not have heard the great news that I’d received a scholarship at a better time. This honor reminded me that someone does believe in me and it renewed my confidence. It’s a reminder to finish strong.”

Kailee’s scholarship is proof that support can come when you least expect it, but maybe most need it. As the first in her family to go to college, Kailee has been maneuvering the somewhat difficult landscape of college with fresh eyes. She’s excelled along the way, both academically and within student organizations.

As a sophomore, Kailee joined the Parkside Activities Board and quickly became the President. Kailee loves UW-Parkside and wanted to provide more opportunities for students to get involved on campus. Taking on a leadership role has allowed Kailee to express her creativity and learn communication skills when working with a team. Since she commutes from home every day, her role on the Activities Board helped her meet new people and gain friendships outside of her classes.

Kailee’s story is evidence that scholarships do more than solely assist students financially. They also recognize the hard work that students are putting in every day. Often they push students to experience more. As Kailee wraps up her final year at UW-Parkside, you can be sure her academic achievement, leadership roles, and future-focused mentality will help her land a successful job out of school.

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