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The UW-Parkside Foundation Board of Directors is a dedicated group of alumni and community leaders who serve as advocates for the university, encourage philanthropic support, and manage the investments and business affairs of the Foundation. Committees, including executive, development, finance, marketing, and nominating, allow board members to make hands-on contributions in their areas of expertise.



Board of Directors


Ms. Kathryn Andrea

Mr. Chris Antonneau

Rep. Peter Barca

Ms. Susan Boland

Mr. Michael Bond

Mr. Dominic A. Cariello ‘92

Mr. Matthew Carlson

Mr. Richard Caskey ‘87

Mr. Steven Donovan '92

Ms. Jennifer Dooley

Mr. James Eastman

Mr. Jens D. Emerson

Mr. Gary Groenke
Chair, Marketing Committee

Reverend Melvin D. Hargrove

Ms. Brooke Infusino



Ms. Kimberly Kane

Mr. Doug Koch

Mr. James Kramer, '79, '90

Mrs. Karla Krehbiel
Chair, Nominating Committee

Ms. Emily J. Lawrence, Vice President

Mr. Timothy Mahone, President

Mr. Tom Marini, Treasurer
Chair, Finance Committee

Mr. Stephen R. Mills, Secretary

Mr. Tom Nelson

Mr. Rodney Prunty

Mr. Wally (Guadalupe) Rendon

Ms. Vanda Santelli

Ms. Heidi Skatrud

Ms. Terri Steidl, ’85 ’92 

Mr. Robert J. Toeppe ‘73


Emeriti Board Members


Mr. William Althaus

Mr. Tom Beck ‘73

Mr. Gilbert Berthelsen*

Mr. Robert Branen

Mr. Raymond J. Camosy

Mr. Remo Camosy

Mr. Roger Caron ‘87

Mrs. Ellie Chemerow

Mr. Eric Christophersen ‘83

Mr. Wes Coleman

Mr. Robert Cornog

Mr. Bruce Coventry

Mr. Roger DeLong

Mr. Rodger DeRose ‘72

Mr. Al DeSimone*

Mr. Ronald Espe

Mr. Mike Falbo ‘80

Mrs. Constance Ferwerda*

Mr. Jim Filipek ‘75

Mr. Jerry Franke

Mr. Paul Gergen

Mr. Marion Gregory

Mr. Neil Guttormsen

Mr. Michael P. Haubrich '88

Mrs. Saundra Herre

Mrs. Debi Hertzberg

Mr. John Knuteson

Mrs. Gayle Kosterman

Mr. Christian Lie '75

Mr. Jess Levin

Mr. John Maurer

Mr. S. John May

Mr. Roger Mayer

Mr. Gary Meier ‘77



Mr. Stephen Mills

Mr. Mike Montemurro

Mrs. Heidi Mullane

Mrs. JoAnn D. Murtha '82

Mrs. Sara Neubauer ‘85

Mr. Warren Olsen ‘73

Mr. Howard Olson ‘71

Mr. Karl Ostby

Mr. Andrew Palmen

Ms. Rita Petretti

Ms. Rita (Tallent) Picken*

Mr. A. Scott Radwill ‘73

Mrs. Gloria Ramirez

Mr. William Rayburn*

Mr. Michael Reese

Mr. Jerry Rezny ‘75

Mrs. Barbara Riley

Mr. J. David Rowland

Mr. Vincent Ruffolo '79

Mr. Jerry Schwallier

Mr. Rudy Scuglik

Mr. Walter Shirer

Mrs. Lydia Spottswood

Mr. Paul Spottswood

Mr. Charles Talbert

Mr. Carmelo Tenuta

Mr. Ralph Tenuta

Mr. Tom Tenuta

Mr. Dennis Troha

Mr. Bob Walker

Mr. John Wavro

Hon. David P. Wilk

Mrs. Joan Wilk

Mr. Michael Wilk*

Mr. Robert Wright

* Deceased 

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