Scholarship Thank You Letters

Show gratitude to donors with a great thank you letter!

Why it's important

Many scholarships at UW-Parkside are provided by generous donors. As a way to show gratitude for the investment that a donor has made in your college success, we need all scholarship recipients to write a thank you letter.  We often hear from donors how much they appreciate receiving letters from scholarship recipients, and many donors save every thank you letter they receive. Your note of thanks reminds them why they give, and often helps to secure their continued support for future Parkside students.  Regardless of your major or career path, writing great thank you letters is an important skill for your professional development.


There are two options for writing your thank you letter:

  1. Follow the online instructions below to write your letter on your own time. Send to Hannah Wallisch at when finished. 
  2. Attend a letter writing workshop: 

Where? Wyllie Computer Lab D150 E

When? These are "open house" workshops, so come when you can! Choose from one of the following days:

- Wednesday 9/19 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

- Thursday 9/20 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

- Monday 9/24 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

- Tuesday 9/25 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

Why? This is an easy way to make sure your letter gets done quickly and on time! These letters only take around 20-30 minutes to write, and a University Advancement staff member will be available to help you brainstorm, edit, and print your letter.

**Deadline to finish your letter is 9/30**

Instructions & Tips

  • Don’t include a date, address block, or greeting line (“Dear Mr. Smith”). University Advancement will add these to the letter that you provide, before sending to the donor.
  • Write clearly and concisely, but with enough detail for the reader to learn about you as an individual. You can usually accomplish this in 3 or 4 paragraphs.
  • You are not writing to the person who selected you for this award, so do not write “Thank you for choosing me for this scholarship.”
  • Proofread and spell check!
  • Insert a digital image of your signature into your letter. If you are unable to do this, University Advancement will follow up with you to coordinate a time for you to sign the printed letter. How to create a digital signature
  • University Advancement will review send the letter to the donor for you. Email your completed letter to

Questions? Please contact Hannah Wallisch, University Advancement, at


What to Write

The thank you letter is your opportunity to express gratitude to your scholarship donor and tell them more about how their support makes a difference in your life. The following outline will give you ideas of what to write. A sample thank you letter is also provided for your reference. Please do not copy this word for word. Make your letter unique and be genuine in your writing.


Paragraph 1: Thank you!
• Introduce yourself: UW-Parkside student receiving the scholarship this year
• Mention the scholarship name - Contact University Advancement if you’re unsure
• Express gratitude for the donor’s support


Paragraph 2: Some details about you
• Your background (hometown, family, etc.)
• Your major at Parkside and why you chose it/what you’re learning
• Career goals
• Other important experiences that you’ve had/hope to have at Parkside (campus involvement, research, internships, community-based learning, etc.)
• Why receiving the scholarship is important to you
• If this is a scholarship renewal (received it last year), give an update on your experience and plans since last year


Paragraph 3: Thanks again
• The impact of their support: Does it inspire you to work hard at UWP? To give back to Parkside or the community in the future? Other ways that it inspires or motivates you?
• Make a commitment to do well with the donor’s investment in your future.
• Thank your donor one more time for their support of your education.


Your Name


Sample thank you letter (PDF)
**Please do NOT simply copy this letter. This is to be used as an example. Make your letter personal to your experiences and emotions around receiving a scholarship. Thank you!**