Snap-on Incorporated

From providing student internships to helping to establish UW-Parkside’s Information Technology Practice Center, Snap-on Incorporated is a long-standing partner with UW-Parkside in preparing local students for successful careers in business, technology, and engineering.

Snap-on’s commitment to quality education at UW-Parkside continues through their support of scholarship opportunities. The Joseph Johnson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to children and grandchildren of current associates of Snap-on Incorporated or its subsidiaries, or of a Snap-on Tools franchisee or independent dealer. The scholarship covers half the cost of in-state tuition at UW-Parkside and is renewable for up to four years.

Snap-on also recently created the Snap-on Incorporated Engineering Scholarship. This is the first scholarship established for UW-Parkside's new engineering program, which uses an innovative partnership with UW-Milwaukee to make it possible for more talented students in the region prepare for engineering careers.

Through Snap-on Incorporated’s dedication to student success, UW-Parkside students have outstanding educational experiences and develop the skills needed to create lasting careers in our region’s in-demand fields.

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